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Regardless of age, skin type or skin concern, Live P.S.® will help create optimum skin health at the most profound level possible, the skin microbiome.


Why LIVE Probiotic Skincare?

The fact is your skin microbiome consists of beneficial bacteria that work to protect and support your skin. This microbiome defends your skin against pathogens, and manages the ideal pH while continuously delivering vitamins, minerals, and peptides the skin needs for balance.

Most common skin concerns are related to an imbalanced skin microbiome. When the skin microbiome becomes unbalanced, it can impact how your skin looks and feels. Using topical LIVE probiotics is an effective way to instantly replenish the beneficial bacteria needed.

Live P.S.’s patented technology infuses LIVE probiotics to create high-performance skincare without the need of refrigeration. Activated upon application, LIVE probiotics nourish, support, and help balance your skin microbiome.

Balanced Skin Microbiome = Happy Skin


What is the Skin Microbiome?

Just like your gut, your skin is home to a community of billions of friendly living microorganisms (bacteria), also known as skin flora. This community is called the skin microbiome. Think of it as an invisible eco-system that lives on the skin working to provide nutrition, protection, and keep it healthy.

With this understanding, medical professionals have discovered that LIVE probiotics are advantageous in the care of skin disorders and play an important role in skin health, such as reconstructing atopic dermatitis, promoting the healing of scars and burns, and strengthening the skin’s immune defense system. Studies also show probiotics can be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of acne, eczema, and more.

LIVE Probiotics have proven to

• Increase collagen and elastin production
• Decrease redness and sensitivity
• Reduce the frequency and intensity of breakouts 
• Promote post-surgical recovery
• Fight off harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on the skin
• Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Probiotics and the Skin:

Numerous skincare brands incorporate only probiotic extracts or prebiotics in their formula and call it “probiotic skincare.” Don’t be misled. Few brands are able to harness LIVE and active bacteria.

At Live P.S.®, we believe in a multi-biotic approach. Our scientists have mastered the delicate process of developing proprietary technology that combines prebiotics, LIVE probiotics, and probiotic extracts to deliver high-performance skincare without the need of refrigeration.

What are Prebiotics?
In order for LIVE probiotics to effectively support the skin microbiome a supply of energy is needed and must be available. Prebiotics are the source of energy/food needed for LIVE probiotics.
What are Probiotics?
Probiotics are living microorganisms that have nutritional, metabolic, and immune health benefits when used topically or orally. Topical LIVE probiotics provide a boost of good bacteria to the skin microbiome and help neutralize harmful bacteria. They also deliver metabolites your skin needs such as vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, micronutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, and more.
What are Probiotic Extracts?
Probiotic Extracts are obtained by a process of breaking live probiotic bacterium apart. This fluid contains the contents of this process and are called lysates. Probiotic extracts do not contain live probiotics.

Ready to experience the results for yourself?

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