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Live P.S.® uses a combination of our patented LIVE probiotic technology that does not require refrigeration, a complete natural delivery system, and clinically proven results to give you high performance skincare that works. This innovative and effective skincare is toxin-free, bleach-free, anti-pollution, multifunctional, gluten-free, vegan, clean and safe for ALL skin microbiomes. Live P.S.® helps to protect the skin from harsh environmental toxins and those found in most skincare products currently on the market. These toxins cause confusion within our skin flora. Live P.S.® helps bring the skin flora back into balance using topical LIVE probiotics in conjunction with prebiotics and probiotic extracts. 

Practicing what we preach

Clean manufacturing processes dictate that each ingredient undergo a detailed toxicological evaluation ensuring natural purity; this rigorous testing allows for use of optimal percentages in the products. Not only are the ingredients healthy for the consumer, they protect the planet in an inherently authentic way. Our ingredients are plant-based, organic, and ECOCERT (whenever available). We also create our products free of toxins and allergens, paraben-free, PEG-free, DEA-free and gluten-free. Most importantly, our patented LIVE probiotic technology works, providing sustainable benefits that include skin renewal and improved hydration, elasticity and tone. Live P.S.® brings the skin back into balance and for optimum skin health.

Dakota Biotech Company

Scientific Research & Leadership Team

Introducing the All-In-One Live P.S. Skincare® Kit

  • Recharge Probiotic Cleanser
  • Recover Probiotic Serum
  • Protect Daily Probiotic Moisturizer

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