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Yes! Bacteria is Good for Your Skin Barrier.

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LIVE Probiotics Have
Proven to Help: 

  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Balance oil production.
  • Sustain ideal skin hydration.
  • Fight off harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on the skin.
  • Decrease the appearance of redness.
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of breakouts.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Live Probiotics Have Proved To Help breakouts

Ideal For Those
Struggling With:


How Does Probiotic Skincare Work?

The LIVE probiotics found in the Live P. S.® Recover Live Probiotic Serum will help repair your damaged skin barrier by strengthening your skin microbiome no matter your age, skin type or skin concern.”

Live Probiotic Skincare Begins With Understanding How Probiotics Work

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Numerous skincare brands incorporate only probiotic extracts or prebiotics in their formulas and call it “probiotic skincare.” To harness the power of probiotic skin care you need to use a product that contains LIVE bacteria.

how to repair your skin barrier | Live P.S.

Unlocking the Secret to LIVE Probiotic Skin Care

Your skin's microbiome is basically a bustling little neighborhood of friendly bacteria that work like bodyguards for your skin. They're the natural defenders, keeping out nasty intruders (pathogens) and making sure your skin's pH levels stay on point. Plus, they're always on delivery duty, bringing vitamins, minerals, and peptides to keep your skin happy.

But here's the thing most folks don't know: a lot of common skin issues come from your skin microbiome throwing a bit of a party. When that balance gets all wonky, your skin barrier can freak out and you'll start seeing stuff like acne, wrinkles making an early appearance, dermatitis, and other annoying skin troubles.

So, what's the secret sauce to tackle all these skin woes? It's as simple as giving some love to your skin with LIVE probiotics. These little powerhouses instantly restock your skin's good bacteria and help it get back on track naturally. It’s that easy to say, “goodbye” to skin drama and “hello” to skin that's thriving!

Ready to nurture your skin for a happier, healthier you?

how to repair your skin barrier | Live P.S.

What is the difference between skin microbiome and skin barrier?

The skin microbiome consists of microorganisms that protect the skin from harmful invaders and sustain balance, while the skin barrier is the physical layer of the skin that acts as a protective shield. Maintaining a balanced microbiome and a healthy skin barrier are essential for overall skin health and the management of skin concerns.

Ready to heal your damaged skin barrier and balance your skin microbiome?


Ready to heal
your skin barrier?

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