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Frequently asked questions

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What makes Live P.S.® different?
Live P.S.' patented technology (U.S. 10,959,950) infuses LIVE probiotics to create a high-performance skincare system without the need for refrigeration. Activated upon application, LIVE probiotics help nourish, support, and balance your skin microbiome, no matter your age, skin concern, or skin tone.
How do LIVE probiotics help the skin? 
Most common skin concerns are related to an imbalanced skin microbiome. When the skin microbiome becomes unbalanced, it can impact how your skin looks, feels, and functions. Using topical LIVE probiotics is an effective way to instantly replenish the beneficial bacteria needed for your skin to mend and thrive - naturally.
How long do I need to use Live P.S.® before I see changes?
This really depends on your skin. Most people can immediately feel the Live P.S.® difference with noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks. The skin renews itself approximately every 27 days. Therefore, we recommend using the product consistently for at least 30 days to determine if Live P.S.® is right for you.
Are Live P.S.® products fragrance-free?
Most signature scents found in skincare are blended using synthetic perfumes and fragrances which do not add any actual benefits to a product and in many cases cause reactions for people with sensitivities. Instead, we use plant-derived essential oils to create a sensory experience that benefits the body and mind while delivering a full spectrum of holistic benefits.
Should I refrigerate my Live P.S.® products?
Live P.S.’ innovative patented (U.S. 10,959, 950) skincare system does not require refrigeration. Our patented formulas suspend the LIVE probiotics in a “cryo-like” dormant state until they are touch-activated at the time of application.
What is the difference between LIVE probiotics and other probiotics found in skincare?
Numerous skincare brands incorporate only probiotic extracts or prebiotics in their formulas and call it “probiotic skincare.” To be classified as a probiotic, products must contain LIVE bacteria and they must have health benefits that are supported by human studies. Live P.S.’ Recover Live Probiotic Serum contains LIVE bacteria. To learn more, visit our Why LIVE Probiotic Skincare page
Why should I use probiotic skincare?
Choosing your skincare line is like choosing to eat healthy. The skin needs nourishment and balance so it can mend and thrive – naturally. You do not need to have skin issues to benefit from LIVE probiotic skincare. Live P.S.® gives your skin the nutrients it needs to function optimally and protect itself throughout the day. Your skin is bombarded daily with an excess of harsh pollutants, chemicals, and free radicals, all of which puts your skin – your body’s first line of defense – in a constant state of exhaustion and crisis. Live P.S.® is a healthier way of taking care of your skin. We nourish our bodies for good health and Live P.S.® will help nourish your skin for optimal skin health.
Are Live P.S.® products vegan?
Yes, we are a PETA-approved vegan company.
Are Live P.S.® products organic?
We take great care in sourcing natural ingredients of the absolute highest quality we can find and source our therapeutic ingredients from their indigenous regions at the peak time of harvest. We build relationships with our small farms and operations in these regions, some of which cannot afford the rigorous process of receiving official organic certification, but that do grow their plants ethically and with environmental consciousness, free of pesticides and fertilizers. These are technically organically grown ingredients, but the documentation on these harvests would not allow us to claim the specifically regulated words, “Organic Certified.”
Is the Live P.S.® collection safe for pregnancy?
Live P.S.’ gentle, plant-based formulations do not contain ingredients known to be contraindicated for pregnant or nursing mothers, however, we will always advise you to check with your doctor prior to use to ensure Live P.S.® is right for your particular circumstances.